When offering a property for rent, you should have a “Meth Clause” and “crime-free addendum” in your lease. (here is a sample “Crime Free-Drug Free” addendum) This will let tenants know that you do not tolerate any type of illegal drug use or criminal activity on or in your property.

Because methamphetamine is cheap and readily available, use in the US has continued to grow.  No segment of society is immune from its effects.  Once a user starts using the drug, most eventually turn to manufacture the drug.  Once your property is declared a drug lab (from either USE or manufacture), the costs can be very high to re-mediate or clean the property.

There is a quick test for the presence of iodine that is a by-product during the manufacturing process;  A yellow tinge or yellow streaking (similar to yellow stains from heavy cigarette use) can be sprayed with spray starch.  If the starch then turns purple, there is a good chance that iodine is present.  (Iodine present in a home without the manufacture of meth would be VERY, VERY rare…it is most likely meth manufacture).

There is NO QUICK TEST for the presence of meth residue from using meth.  Only a laboratory that tests for meth is capable of determining the presence of meth residue from use.

When selling a property that may have been exposed to meth (either by use or manufacture), the owner should disclose the possibility of the presence of meth (or meth by-products).  Serious legal and financial consequences can result from failure to disclose the presence of meth (or the use or manufacture of meth) in a property.  Colorado Law does allow sellers to “not disclose” if the property was remediated to state standards.  As a seller, you should consult with your attorney if your property was ever declared a “meth lab” prior to selling.

The owner can have the property tested by a state-certified hygienist.  The hygienist will take samples and have them tested.  The results of the test will indicate the presence and level of meth in a property; or will give indication that no meth was found in the property.

Cleanup and remediation can be simple and inexpensive or cleanup can be very costly, depending on the level of contamination.

Once a property has been declared a drug lab (either from use or manufacture), city, county and state authorities are notified and the process to cleanup and re-mediate is closely monitored.

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