Many homes in Colorado have a natural gas-fired furnace.  In the middle of cold Colorado nights, when the furnace starts and stops many times, the “igniter or ignition” or glow-plug may quit working.  This is one of the most common reason for no heat from a furnace.

When the igniter stops working, the furnace electronics usually flash an error code…. short and long flashes. Interpreting this code requires you take off the cover (like changing the air filter) and read the instructions on the door cover.

If the igniter is defective, simply replacing this part may keep you out of trouble (and significant expense) on those cold Colorado nights.

The cost for the igniter is about $30 to $50 depending on your model.  Many local furnace supply locations (Appliance Factory Outlet, Lowe’s Mail Order, Carrier Dealer, Trane Dealer, etc.) can get you the exact replacement to keep as emergency backup.  Make sure you have the correct parts BEFORE you need them (usually in the middle of the coldest night).

If you’re unsure or unable to perform these repairs, make sure you contact your favorite HVAC or furnace repair company.